About Adrian

Adrian is an IT Network Architect leader with working experience at a multinational level in big tech companies such as IBM, CenturyLink, AT&T, and DirecTV. After several years of working in this field, he learned that it is not efficient to continuously manage the infrastructure with the old models, where every task takes too long to complete. Slowly, the queue of pending tasks becomes a burden to just operate the network. In addition, the time to market for new designs, acquisitions, and deployments makes it just nonsense if we don’t accept a shift to a different way of working.

Automation techniques can be applied everywhere in the life cycle, from contract management, automated deployments, cloud, security, continuous integration, self-service, etc. Starting with a single task and continuing to evolve to bigger activities while adding experience in the matter is the recommended path.

Lately, he decided to increase his skills in software development, specifically in the automation field and continues from there with a new and fresh point of view.

Automation is not about replacing people. It is about automating daily boring and prone to error tasks that add no value to the staff, company, and customers, which will, of course, end up being a high budget with low business value. The goal of automation is to reorient people to use that time to serve and support the real needs of customers and the business in general.