About Adrian

I’m an independent Network architect and automation engineer with working experience designing, deploying, and supporting big infrastructures at multinational companies, mostly in service providers and entertainment, but also a bit in health and gambling. 

Having worked from technician to regional architect leader gave me a broad understanding of business perspective for delivery and support. 

Self-motivated, passionate about technology and working with “the console”, configuring, debugging, and performing deep analysis from simple to multilayer stacked systems. This also makes me an outstanding trouble-shooter.  

I’ve always enjoyed looking for improvement areas and use my creativity to link the dots and find ways to work them out. While at the same time help others to develop their skills.  

Even though documentation is rarely read, as a technical lead, I understand the importance of following standards, the reason why I also have created several in-company networking standards, deployment guides, and operational documents. 

Now strongly focused on network automation and software development. 

I also do some blogging which it’s a great way to relate with peers all around the globe. 

I have more technology and full Datacenter’s migrations than I would like to admit like Cisco Nexus and ACI, DTC relocations, migrations to AWS and Oracle OCI, even I’ve built 2 Datacenters and like 6 big office buildings (from a network infrastructure perspective). 

Also, I’ve worked with monitoring solutions of different sizes, from Cisco Prime Inf, HP OpenView, ElasticStackLibreNMS, and Cacti. 

Key skills and certs: GCP Network Professional, CCNP R/S, CCDP, CCNA DTC, and PMP. And also, some skills on Python, Ansible, Salt Stack, Git, GitHub, GitLab, CI/CD pipelines, Terraform, AWS, Cisco ACI, Oracle OCI, and development of automation-oriented Slack chat bots.