Winning in education

Finally, I got my expert subscription to, and enrolled in one of the full courses.

After a couple of weeks, I have to say that I’m really impressed with the quality, content, and structure.

It’s my best career investment in a long time.

It feels like a master degree in networking, why?

– content already digested and explained better than a vendor static long pages and isolated from a wider technology perspective

– vendor agnostic

– roadmaps for when to ready what technology

– tons of international industry-recognized SME guest speakers

– focused webinars

– full courses with a mix of related topics/technologies with:

           – exercises/labs which will be evaluated by Ivan and his team

           – you can do the project alone or whit another student/subscriber

           – slack channel with SME and other students/subscribers around the world were to ask talk and collaborate with those weird day to day questions you may have

It is really like a university!

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